FeRRuM Institute

Catholic faith and scientific reasoning working together to build the Kingdom of God (Fides et Ratio Regno uberrime Mactant)

What is the FeRRuM Institute?


What makes this Institute different?

This website was born of a desire to put decades worth of experience, trial and error in the mission fields of the church in a format that could, God willing, inspire others to explore the tremendous gift of creation through the lens of divine revelation and human reasoning. It would be hoped that a deeper realisation of our true nature, Imago Dei or created in God’s own image and likeness, would allow us to more fully live our vocations in deeper communion and stewardship.

What make this particular movement unique is that it seeks not to foster discussion per se and offer solutions on many ills that inflict our world, laudable as this is. It seeks to deepen commitment among men and women of good will to work towards alleviating specific challenges affecting the human person and suffering humanity, with cutting edge scientific research and orthodox theological and philosophical reflection. That being the case, its goals will be finely tuned, of limited scope, and requiring the highest level of professional and human development, owing to the complexities of the challenges at hand.

The FeRRuM Institute would hope to inspire a new generation of young adults from across the globe to work together in a highly interdisciplinary environment, where the ancient Christian monastic praxis of actio / contemplatio may be again revived for the 21st century. Why would this be offered as a way forward in our quest to build the kingdom of God? We are immersed in information, but lacking clarity. We are affronted constantly by influencers (human and machine) yet are seldom inspired and liberated. We seek truth, but are unsure how to find it, or doubt it exists objectively. We need the Light, the true Light through whom all that exists came into being.

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