FeRRuM Institute

Catholic faith and scientific reasoning working together to build the Kingdom of God (Fides et Ratio Regno uberrime Mactant)

What do we wish to achieve?

What is the meaning of “achievement” in the Christian tradition?

Here is a question to begin with, that can frame our endeavours. We believe that we will never be able to create a perfect world. This is not defeatism, but a realism that acknowledges physical realities and spiritual realities. Physical such as entropy, non-linear system unpredictability, and finitude directed in part by times arrow; spiritual such as fallen humanity, fallen spiritual beings and a creation that was created in need of liberation.

What therefore is to be understood as an “achievement”? everything we do must point beyond the immediate “here and now” needs, as urgent as these may seem and are, to see a final goal for our efforts. That which fosters a deeper communion between human beings, that which builds a stronger stewardship towards creation in all of its aspects, is that which is most true to our nature.

We may be said to have “achieved” our objectives in the FeRRuM Institute when we have looked to the needs of our brothers and sisters, have discerned through recognised avenues the Lords will in these matters, then have set ourselves to be of service to bringing about certain goals that will serve our call to stewardship and communion. All this without undue expectation of  recognition, carer advancement nor financial rewards.  We will work throughout our lives to develop our talents and abilities to rise to the challenges in achieving the set goals, knowing that the goals are means for us to express love towards God and our neighbour. 

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